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Password scrambler - small util to make your easy passwords complicated!
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Password scrambler

Small utility to generate complicated passwords
(see also the GUI edition: )


  • You get more secure password- long, not from dictionary, etc i.e 'txork9Zfa8yXc_lMbb1LCHPZIH7wE1'
  • Yet, you don't have to remeber it - you must remember only your easy password and document that you used as a generation base
  • You may reuse the easy password and the base file - still, for different login@domain you will get a totally new long password
  • It is not saving your complicated password anywhere, so nobody can steal it and decrypt - it generates it by hasing function and you just need to copy it and login where you want
  • Open source, written in python - nothing is hidden under the hood, everyone can review it before using and make custom changes in code

How it works:

./ --help
usage: [-h] --file FILE --login LOGIN [--special SPECIAL]
                       [--length LENGTH] [--clip] [--scramble-func FUNC]

Password scrambler

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --file FILE           File used to initialize generation
  --login LOGIN         Login for which you want to use the password
  --special SPECIAL     Whitelist of special characters, i.e: '_&#'
  --length LENGTH       Length of the password, default=30
  --clip                Copy the generated password into the clipboard instead
                        of displaying
  --scramble-func FUNC  Hashing function to use for input data scrambling,
                        default=md5. Other functions can be found on hashlib
                        module documentation.


./ --file MyPhoto.jpg --login
Password: _password123_

Typical scenario:

  • I need to generate a new password i.e. for my e-mail
  • I have to prepare 2 things : an easy password, that I will remember and some document, that I have to keep safe without changes
  • I deploy password scrambler giving as an input my login and a document
  • I am prompted for the easy password, so I type it
  • I copy generated password and change it in my e-mail service
  • Wherever I need to re-login I just deploy scrambler with same parameters, and it will regenerate the same hash
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