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Steganographic tool used for hiding images in plain site.
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What is Stegory?

Stegory is a steganographic tool used to hide images or messages inside of other images. It is my attempt to create a common, easy to use tool that implements steganography as a form of encryption.

Stegory is currently on version 0.7 and is uncompleted.

How It Works

Stegory uses a form of least significant bit encryption known as 3-2-3 encryption. Stegory includes both an encryption form, where users can plug in a carrier image and a payload image, and receive an encrypted copy of the carrier, as well as a decryption form where users can plug in that same image to decode.

You can find more information on how it really works in this blog post.


Stegory is currently in version 0.7, but development has officially ceased. I do plan to eventually revisit the project to implement further functionality and add some features, but there are no official plans in place currently.

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