Hashgraph is a superior consensus mechanism / data structure alternative to blockchain.
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Awesome Hashgraph Awesome Join the chat at https://hashgraph.com/discord

A curated list of Hashgraph application code and other resources, inspired by other awesome lists.

If you want to contribute, please read this.

Table of Contents

Official Hashgraph

  • Swirlds SDK - the official Swirlds SDK. Includes the swirlds.jar and a number of sample Applications.
  • Hedera - the official public ledger powered by Swirlds.
  • Hashgraph Developers - the official developer site for all things hashgraph.
  • lbaird/swirlds-demos - sample applications demonstrating specific functions of the the Hashgraph platform. Official SDK is required to run.


Reference Hashgraph projects

  • Hyperledger Mercury This is a community driven open source project geared at building a Hyperledger stack on top of the Swirlds platform.
  • Exo-Demo This project contains a demonstration of a web application communicating with a Swirld. The application tracks lions, tigers, and bears in a zoo. Users can add animals to the zoo and see the updated state. The zoo state is tracked in a Swirld, and adding an animal executes a transaction on the Swirld.

Other Resources