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Hedera™ Hashgraph Go SDK

The Go SDK for interacting with Hedera Hashgraph: the official distributed consensus platform built using the hashgraph consensus algorithm for fast, fair and secure transactions. Hedera enables and empowers developers to build an entirely new class of decentralized applications.

Hedera Hashgraph communicates using gRPC; the Protobufs definitions for the protocol are available in the hashgraph/hedera-protobuf repository.


$ go get

Running Integration Tests

$ env CONFIG_FILE="<your_config_file>" go test -v _Execute


$ env CONFIG_FILE="<your_config_file>" OPERATOR_KEY="<key>" OPERATOR_ID="<id>" go test -v _Execute


$ env OPERATOR_KEY="<key>" OPERATOR_ID="<id>" go test -v _Execute

The config file can contain both the network and the operator, but you can also use environment variables OPERATOR_KEY and OPERATOR_ID. If both are provided the network is used from the config file, but for the operator the environment variables take precedence. If the config file is not provided then the network will default to testnet and OPERATOR_KEY and OPERATOR_ID must be provided.

Example Config File

Contributing to this Project

We welcome participation from all developers! For instructions on how to contribute to this repo, please review the Contributing Guide.

License Information

Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0 – see LICENSE in this repo or