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Hedera Mobile Wallet Beta-2019

The Hedera HashGraph wallet is a software program that creates, stores and manages private and public keys, it also allows the user to interact with the Hedera Hashgraph Network. This wallet enables users to send and receive payments in Hedera native HBAR crypto currency and also monitor the balance.

This wallet enables management of multiple accounts, integrates with other software components on the Hedera HashgGraph ecosystem of apps.

View the usage and licensing terms here

Supported Signature algorithm options


This uses a unique combination of BIP39 and PBKDF2 to generate a sequential keys for the user.

Branch Policy

Development Setup

install cocoapods gem install cocoapods

install protoc brew install protobuf

install protobuf swift plugin brew install swift-protobuf

install grpc swift plugin for protoc

Building the Code

run pod install

run ./gen-swift

build from Xcode

Supported Features

  1. BIP39 Key Management
  2. Account Details
  3. Request payments
  4. Pay/ Transfer HBars
  5. Account Creation
  6. Update & Change keys
  7. Get Records
  8. Fees Customization
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