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Consul Helm Chart

We're looking for feedback on how folks are using Consul on Kubernetes. Please fill out our brief survey!

This repository contains the official HashiCorp Helm chart for installing and configuring Consul on Kubernetes. This chart supports multiple use cases of Consul on Kubernetes, depending on the values provided.

For full documentation on this Helm chart along with all the ways you can use Consul with Kubernetes, please see the Consul and Kubernetes documentation.


  • Helm 3.0+ (Helm 2 is not supported)
  • Kubernetes 1.16+ - This is the earliest version of Kubernetes tested. It is possible that this chart works with earlier versions but it is untested.


Detailed installation instructions for Consul on Kubernetes are found here.

  1. Add the HashiCorp Helm Repository:

     $ helm repo add hashicorp
     "hashicorp" has been added to your repositories
  2. Ensure you have access to the consul chart:

     $ helm search repo hashicorp/consul
     hashicorp/consul    0.20.1          1.7.2       Official HashiCorp Consul Chart
  3. Now you're ready to install Consul! To install Consul with the default configuration using Helm 3 run:

     $ helm install consul hashicorp/consul --set
     NAME: consul

Please see the many options supported in the values.yaml file. These are also fully documented directly on the Consul website.


You can find examples and complete tutorials on how to deploy Consul on Kubernetes using Helm on the HashiCorp Learn website.