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HAProxy Consul Template Example

HAProxy is a very common load balancer. You can read more about the HAProxy configuration file syntax in the HAProxy documentation.

Global Service Load Balancer

Here is an example template for rendering an HAProxy configuration file with Consul Template:

    maxconn {{key "service/haproxy/maxconn"}}

    mode {{key "service/haproxy/mode"}}{{range ls "service/haproxy/timeouts"}}
    timeout {{.Key}} {{.Value}}{{end}}

listen http-in
    bind *:8000{{range service "release.web"}}
    server {{.Node}} {{.Address}}:{{.Port}}{{end}}

Save this file to disk at a place reachable by the Consul Template process like /tmp/haproxy.conf.ctmpl and run Consul Template:

$ consul-template \

Here is an example of what the file may render:

    maxconn 4

    mode default
    timeout 5

listen http-in
    bind *:8000
    server nyc3-worker-2
    server nyc3-worker-3
    server nyc3-worker-1
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