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add support for both public and private module creation without VCS #460

merged 4 commits into from Jul 20, 2022


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@Uk1288 Uk1288 commented Jul 11, 2022


Currently, private registry modules are created with an option containing: Name and Provider.
This PR adds the ability to create both public/private registry modules without VCS with options containing: Name, Provider, RegistryName and Namespace.

The existing behaviour of creating a private module by specifying just the Name and Provider still works.

Testing plan

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  • Related PR This PR must be merged and released before the related PR is merged

Output from tests

Including output from tests may require access to a TFE instance. Ignore this section if you have no environment to test against.

$ TFE_ADDRESS="https://example" TFE_TOKEN="example" TF_ACC="1" go test ./... -v -tags=integration -run TestRegistryModulesCreate

=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/without_RegistryName
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/without_RegistryName/permissions_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/without_RegistryName/relationships_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/without_RegistryName/timestamps_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_private_RegistryName
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_private_RegistryName/permissions_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_private_RegistryName/relationships_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_private_RegistryName/timestamps_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_public_RegistryName
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_public_RegistryName/permissions_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_public_RegistryName/relationships_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_public_RegistryName/timestamps_are_properly_decoded
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/without_a_name
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/with_an_invalid_name
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/without_a_provider
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/with_an_invalid_provider
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/with_an_invalid_registry_name
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/without_a_namespace_for_public_registry_name
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/with_a_namespace_for_private_registry_name
=== RUN   TestRegistryModulesCreate/without_a_valid_organization
--- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate (1.21s)
    --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options (0.44s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/without_RegistryName (0.13s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/without_RegistryName/permissions_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/without_RegistryName/relationships_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/without_RegistryName/timestamps_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_private_RegistryName (0.13s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_private_RegistryName/permissions_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_private_RegistryName/relationships_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_private_RegistryName/timestamps_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_public_RegistryName (0.18s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_public_RegistryName/permissions_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_public_RegistryName/relationships_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
            --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_valid_options/with_public_RegistryName/timestamps_are_properly_decoded (0.00s)
    --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/without_a_name (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/with_an_invalid_name (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/without_a_provider (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/with_an_invalid_provider (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/with_an_invalid_registry_name (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/without_a_namespace_for_public_registry_name (0.00s)
        --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/with_invalid_options/with_a_namespace_for_private_registry_name (0.00s)
    --- PASS: TestRegistryModulesCreate/without_a_valid_organization (0.00s)

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@sebasslash sebasslash left a comment

Overall code looks 🔥 Some things down below ⬇️

Provider: String("provider"),
assertRegistryModuleAttributes := func(t *testing.T, registryModule *RegistryModule) {
t.Run("permissions are properly decoded", func(t *testing.T) {
assert.True(t, registryModule.Permissions.CanDelete)
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@sebasslash sebasslash Jul 13, 2022

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You'll want to require Permissions to not be nil, otherwise this will panic if Permissions was not decoded properly.

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@sebasslash sebasslash Jul 13, 2022

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I'm wondering if my changes in #458 will be overwritten somehow.

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Contributor Author

@Uk1288 Uk1288 Jul 14, 2022

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yes, I will fix the conflicts once you merge the changes.


t.Run("relationships are properly decoded", func(t *testing.T) {
assert.Equal(t, orgTest.Name, registryModule.Organization.Name)
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@sebasslash sebasslash Jul 13, 2022

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Same here for Organization

@@ -436,6 +443,22 @@ func (o RegistryModuleCreateOptions) valid() error {
if !validStringID(o.Provider) {
return ErrInvalidProvider

// RegistryName is optional, only validate if specified
if validString((*string)(&o.RegistryName)) {
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@sebasslash sebasslash Jul 13, 2022

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[For discussion] We can potentially simplify this logic:

We don't need to check if RegistryName is a valid string as there are only two possible values we would care about:

switch(&o.RegistryName) {
case PublicRegistry:
  if !validString(&o.Namespace) { 
    // return error 
case PrivateRegistry:
  if validString(&o.Namespace) { 
    // return other error 
// for all other strings or nil:
  return ErrInvalidRegistryName

@Uk1288 Uk1288 force-pushed the uk1288-support-public-modules branch from bf74088 to 59db300 Compare Jul 14, 2022
@Uk1288 Uk1288 force-pushed the uk1288-support-public-modules branch from 2cfb379 to a8e68ec Compare Jul 15, 2022
@Uk1288 Uk1288 requested a review from a team as a code owner Jul 18, 2022
@Uk1288 Uk1288 force-pushed the uk1288-support-public-modules branch from 357e7af to 9b83a37 Compare Jul 18, 2022
brandonc previously approved these changes Jul 18, 2022
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@brandonc brandonc left a comment

woop Outdated Show resolved Hide resolved
brandonc previously approved these changes Jul 19, 2022
@Uk1288 Uk1288 merged commit 392b639 into main Jul 20, 2022
6 checks passed
@Uk1288 Uk1288 deleted the uk1288-support-public-modules branch Jul 20, 2022
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github-actions bot commented Jul 20, 2022

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