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package hcldec
import (
// ImpliedSchema returns the *hcl.BodySchema implied by the given specification.
// This is the schema that the Decode function will use internally to
// access the content of a given body.
func ImpliedSchema(spec Spec) *hcl.BodySchema {
var attrs []hcl.AttributeSchema
var blocks []hcl.BlockHeaderSchema
// visitSameBodyChildren walks through the spec structure, calling
// the given callback for each descendent spec encountered. We are
// interested in the specs that reference attributes and blocks.
var visit visitFunc
visit = func(s Spec) {
if as, ok := s.(attrSpec); ok {
attrs = append(attrs, as.attrSchemata()...)
if bs, ok := s.(blockSpec); ok {
blocks = append(blocks, bs.blockHeaderSchemata()...)
return &hcl.BodySchema{
Attributes: attrs,
Blocks: blocks,
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