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package hcldec
import (
// Variables processes the given body with the given spec and returns a
// list of the variable traversals that would be required to decode
// the same pairing of body and spec.
// This can be used to conditionally populate the variables in the EvalContext
// passed to Decode, for applications where a static scope is insufficient.
// If the given body is not compliant with the given schema, the result may
// be incomplete, but that's assumed to be okay because the eventual call
// to Decode will produce error diagnostics anyway.
func Variables(body hcl.Body, spec Spec) []hcl.Traversal {
var vars []hcl.Traversal
schema := ImpliedSchema(spec)
content, _, _ := body.PartialContent(schema)
if vs, ok := spec.(specNeedingVariables); ok {
vars = append(vars, vs.variablesNeeded(content)...)
var visitFn visitFunc
visitFn = func(s Spec) {
if vs, ok := s.(specNeedingVariables); ok {
vars = append(vars, vs.variablesNeeded(content)...)
return vars
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