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package hcled
import (
type contextStringer interface {
ContextString(offset int) string
// ContextString returns a string describing the context of the given byte
// offset, if available. An empty string is returned if no such information
// is available, or otherwise the returned string is in a form that depends
// on the language used to write the referenced file.
func ContextString(file *hcl.File, offset int) string {
if cser, ok := file.Nav.(contextStringer); ok {
return cser.ContextString(offset)
return ""
type contextDefRanger interface {
ContextDefRange(offset int) hcl.Range
func ContextDefRange(file *hcl.File, offset int) hcl.Range {
if cser, ok := file.Nav.(contextDefRanger); ok {
defRange := cser.ContextDefRange(offset)
if !defRange.Empty() {
return defRange
return file.Body.MissingItemRange()
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