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The deployment resume command is used to resume a paused deployment.
# Command: deployment resume
The `deployment resume` command is used used to unpause a paused deployment.
Resuming a deployment will resume the placement of new allocations as part of
rolling deployment.
## Usage
nomad deployment resume [options] <deployment id>
The `deployment resume` command requires a single argument, a deployment ID or
## General Options
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## Resume Options
* `-detach`: Return immediately instead of monitoring. A new evaluation ID
will be output, which can be used to examine the evaluation using the
[eval status](/docs/commands/eval-status.html) command
* `-verbose`: Show full information.
## Examples
Manually resume a deployment:
$ nomad deployment resume c848972e
Deployment "c848972e-dcd3-7354-e0d2-39d86642cdb1" resumed
==> Monitoring evaluation "5e266d42"
Evaluation triggered by job "example"
Evaluation within deployment: "c848972e"
Allocation "00208424" created: node "6240eed6", group "web"
Allocation "68c72edf" created: node "6240eed6", group "cache"
Allocation "00208424" status changed: "pending" -> "running"
Evaluation status changed: "pending" -> "complete"
==> Evaluation "5e266d42" finished with status "complete"
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