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Installing Terraform Enterprise

Terraform Enterprise currently targets Amazon Web Services environments. Support for additional infrastructure providers is planned.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


In AWS, a Terraform Enterprise install consists of:

  • Compute Tier
    • Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)
    • Single EC2 instance launched as part of an AutoScaling Group (ASG)
  • Data Tier
    • RDS PostgreSQL for primary application storage
    • An S3 Bucket for object storage

Primary Installation Config Files

The aws-standard directory contains the primary Terraform Enterprise installation config files. Its README is the next step for learning about how to install Terraform Enterprise.

Tertiary Terraform Configs

The aws-extra directory contains supplementary configs. Its README contains a list of descriptions of the configs available.


Further documentation about various aspects of the Terraform Enterprise install can be found in the docs subdir.