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Delete old Route53 record when updating name #11335



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@jbergknoff-rival jbergknoff-rival commented Dec 17, 2019

If one updates the name of a Route53 record, it will show up in the plan as if the resource will be destroyed and then a new resource created in its place, but it actually leaves the old resource alone. This makes it difficult to refactor Route53 record resources if there will be any name collisions, because the old records can violate uniqueness constraints.

This PR adds a test which fails on the master branch, demonstrating the buggy behavior, and it updates the R53 findRecord function to handle this case correctly and make the test pass.

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Closes #9024

Release note for CHANGELOG:

aws_route53_record: properly delete old record when updating name

Output from acceptance testing:

$ AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-east-1 AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=... AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=... make testacc TEST=./aws TESTARGS='-run=TestAccAWSRoute53Record_'
==> Checking that code complies with gofmt requirements...
TF_ACC=1 go test ./aws -v -count 1 -parallel 20 -run=TestAccAWSRoute53Record_ -timeout 120m
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_underscored
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_underscored
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears_MultipleRecords
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears_MultipleRecords
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic_fqdn
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic_fqdn
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_txtSupport
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_txtSupport
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_spfSupport
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_spfSupport
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_caaSupport
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_caaSupport
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_generatesSuffix
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_generatesSuffix
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_wildcard
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_wildcard
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_failover
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_failover
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_basic
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_basic
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_to_simple_basic
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_to_simple_basic
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Elb
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Elb
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_S3
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_S3
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_VpcEndpoint
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_VpcEndpoint
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Uppercase
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Uppercase
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_alias
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_alias
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_geolocation_basic
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_geolocation_basic
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_latency_basic
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_latency_basic
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_TypeChange
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_TypeChange
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_NameChange
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_NameChange
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_SetIdentifierChange
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_SetIdentifierChange
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_AliasChange
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_AliasChange
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_empty
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_empty
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_longTXTrecord
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_longTXTrecord
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_multivalue_answer_basic
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_multivalue_answer_basic
=== RUN   TestAccAWSRoute53Record_allowOverwrite
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSRoute53Record_allowOverwrite
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_longTXTrecord
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_multivalue_answer_basic
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_NameChange
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_geolocation_basic
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_empty
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_AliasChange
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_allowOverwrite
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_SetIdentifierChange
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_basic
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_TypeChange
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_latency_basic
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_alias
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Uppercase
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_VpcEndpoint
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_S3
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Elb
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_to_simple_basic
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_spfSupport
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_failover
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_longTXTrecord (138.32s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_wildcard
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_failover (147.67s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_generatesSuffix
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Elb (151.26s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_caaSupport
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_empty (169.00s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears_MultipleRecords
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_multivalue_answer_basic (177.89s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_txtSupport
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Uppercase (180.78s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic_fqdn
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_spfSupport (184.73s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_latency_basic (192.39s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSRoute53Record_underscored
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_S3 (197.97s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_geolocation_basic (204.19s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic (211.41s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_TypeChange (221.02s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_SetIdentifierChange (229.11s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_to_simple_basic (239.16s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_AliasChange (253.06s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_allowOverwrite (260.47s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_basic (281.95s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_generatesSuffix (136.26s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_NameChange (288.70s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_caaSupport (137.73s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_alias (312.53s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_txtSupport (139.52s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears (136.58s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_underscored (138.32s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_wildcard (194.25s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic_fqdn (154.01s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears_MultipleRecords (176.53s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_VpcEndpoint (537.54s)
ok   537.599s

@jbergknoff-rival jbergknoff-rival requested a review from Dec 17, 2019
@ghost ghost added needs-triage size/M service/route53 tests labels Dec 17, 2019
@@ -1394,7 +1470,7 @@ resource "aws_route53_record" "alias" {

resource "aws_elb" "main" {
name = "foobar-terraform-elb-%s"
availability_zones = ["us-west-2a"]
availability_zones = slice(data.aws_availability_zones.available.names, 0, 1)
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Contributor Author

@jbergknoff-rival jbergknoff-rival Dec 17, 2019

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This handful of tests was hardcoded to us-west-2 and can only pass in that region. This updates them to work in other regions, which I needed in order to post the full acceptance test output.

@bflad bflad added bug and removed needs-triage labels Dec 18, 2019
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danieladams456 commented May 11, 2020

@bflad bump when you have time. This would be helpful so we don't have to manually clean up records. Thank you!

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gawbul commented Jun 5, 2020

Is this a fix for #9024?

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gawbul commented Jun 5, 2020

Is this a fix for #9024?

Ah, yes, have seen it referenced on that issue 馃憤

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Contributor Author

jbergknoff-rival commented Jun 5, 2020

@gawbul this PR is #11335, did you mean to ask about a different issue?

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gawbul commented Jun 5, 2020

@gawbul this PR is #11335, did you mean to ask about a different issue?

Yes, sorry, meant #9024! Have updated above 馃憤

bflad approved these changes Jul 1, 2020
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@bflad bflad left a comment

Oh goodness, this resource needs to be refactored to make more sense. Thank you for fixing this, @jbergknoff-rival! 馃殌

Output from acceptance testing:

--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Elb (180.35s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_S3 (171.16s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_Uppercase (215.76s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_Alias_VpcEndpoint (523.96s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_AliasChange (260.40s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_allowOverwrite (226.43s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic (144.66s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_basic_fqdn (146.16s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_caaSupport (150.70s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears (130.35s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_disappears_MultipleRecords (183.50s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_empty (201.91s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_failover (185.00s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_generatesSuffix (173.50s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_geolocation_basic (255.41s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_latency_basic (146.36s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_longTXTrecord (158.31s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_multivalue_answer_basic (247.80s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_NameChange (306.27s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_SetIdentifierChange (219.03s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_spfSupport (169.50s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_txtSupport (137.39s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_TypeChange (200.09s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_underscored (147.19s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_alias (330.82s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_basic (165.71s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_weighted_to_simple_basic (222.40s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSRoute53Record_wildcard (193.78s)

@@ -1376,6 +1448,10 @@ resource "aws_route53_record" "ap-northeast-1" {

const testAccRoute53RecordConfigAliasElb = `
data "aws_availability_zones" "available" {
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@bflad bflad Jul 1, 2020

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Will add Local Zone filtering post-merge for all these.

@bflad bflad merged commit bc51e46 into hashicorp:master Jul 1, 2020
1 check passed
bflad added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 1, 2020
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ghost commented Jul 3, 2020

This has been released in version 2.69.0 of the Terraform AWS provider. Please see the Terraform documentation on provider versioning or reach out if you need any assistance upgrading.

For further feature requests or bug reports with this functionality, please create a new GitHub issue following the template for triage. Thanks!

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ghost commented Jul 31, 2020

I'm going to lock this issue because it has been closed for 30 days . This helps our maintainers find and focus on the active issues.

If you feel this issue should be reopened, we encourage creating a new issue linking back to this one for added context. Thanks!

@hashicorp hashicorp locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jul 31, 2020
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