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Support ALB Advanced Routing rules #8268

merged 39 commits into from Dec 6, 2019


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@dpiddockcmp dpiddockcmp commented Apr 10, 2019

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Fixes #8126

Changes proposed in this pull request:

Output from acceptance testing:

$ make testacc TEST=./aws TESTARGS='-run=TestAccAWSLBListenerRule'
==> Checking that code complies with gofmt requirements...
TF_ACC=1 go test ./aws -v -parallel 4 -run=TestAccAWSLBListenerRule -timeout 120m
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_basic
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_basic
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRuleBackwardsCompatibility
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRuleBackwardsCompatibility
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_redirect
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_redirect
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_fixedResponse
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_fixedResponse
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_updateRulePriority
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_updateRulePriority
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_changeListenerRuleArnForcesNew
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_changeListenerRuleArnForcesNew
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_multipleConditionThrowsError
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_multipleConditionThrowsError
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_priority
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_priority
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_cognito
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_cognito
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_oidc
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_oidc
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order_Recreates
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order_Recreates
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionAttributesCount
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionAttributesCount
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader_deprecated
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader_deprecated
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader_invalid
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader_invalid
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpRequestMethod
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpRequestMethod
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern_deprecated
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern_deprecated
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionQueryString
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionQueryString
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionSourceIp
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionSourceIp
=== RUN   TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionMultiple
=== PAUSE TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionMultiple
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_basic
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionAttributesCount
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order_Recreates
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_basic (274.83s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_oidc
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order_Recreates (294.26s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_cognito
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order (296.43s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_priority
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_oidc (272.91s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_multipleConditionThrowsError
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_multipleConditionThrowsError (2.29s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_changeListenerRuleArnForcesNew
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_cognito (302.83s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_updateRulePriority
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionAttributesCount (759.26s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_fixedResponse
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_updateRulePriority (315.04s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_redirect
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_priority (640.36s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRuleBackwardsCompatibility
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_changeListenerRuleArnForcesNew (460.25s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_fixedResponse (271.90s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionMultiple
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_redirect (249.99s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionSourceIp
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRuleBackwardsCompatibility (267.98s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionQueryString
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern (270.64s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern_deprecated
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionMultiple (264.14s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionSourceIp (284.98s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpRequestMethod
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionQueryString (250.74s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader_invalid
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader_invalid (2.32s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader_deprecated
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader (251.61s)
=== CONT  TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern_deprecated (283.15s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader_deprecated (279.90s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpRequestMethod (328.54s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader (293.96s)
ok	1840.930s


conditions custom hasher:

  • This is required due to the backwards compatible way that AWS implemented the advanced routing. condition.values and the applicable config block are set when condition.field is host-header or path-pattern.
  • Using a custom hasher means that we can migrate from condition.field and condition.values to config block. Users do not see a Diff on every plan.
  • Can probably be removed on next major version, if desired, after removing condition.field and condition.values attributes.

@ghost ghost added size/XL Managed by automation to categorize the size of a PR. service/elbv2 Issues and PRs that pertain to the elbv2 service. size/XXL Managed by automation to categorize the size of a PR. tests PRs: expanded test coverage. Issues: expanded coverage, enhancements to test infrastructure. documentation Introduces or discusses updates to documentation. and removed size/XL Managed by automation to categorize the size of a PR. labels Apr 10, 2019
@dpiddockcmp dpiddockcmp changed the title [WIP] Support ALB Advanced Routing rules Support ALB Advanced Routing rules Apr 12, 2019
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Hey guys, is there anything I can do to help out here? Is there a target date for release for this?

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@facundovictor facundovictor left a comment

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The format is acceptable and it would help on future changes if more conditions are added, or more details are required to be included in the specific condition type blocks 馃憤

@bflad do we have an estimate on when this may be reviewed/included for a release?

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@allanhahn: Any idea when it will be released?

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@allanhahn any updates on when this feature is going to be release?

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Any updates on when this feature will be released? This would be really helpful.

CC: @allanhahn

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Great work - our organization would definitely use this. Can we please get it merged in?

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mvn-bachhuynh-dn commented May 13, 2019

Really want multi values in a condition:

    field  = "path-pattern"
    values = ["/404", "/assets/*"]

Please add

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is this going to be merged soon?

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cemo commented May 21, 2019

@bflad is this somehow missed? This is really crucial for us.

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Merge it please.

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The only "workaround" right now is creating null_resource with local-exec provider that calls aws-cli for us. That is horrendous.

Please, merge!

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pasali commented May 27, 2019

@bflad is there any estimate on when will this PR merged ? We are really waiting for this feature.

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dud225 commented May 28, 2019

Please @bflad @ewbankkit @nywilken could you take some time to review this PR and comment it if something needs to be changed ?

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t0klian commented Jun 5, 2019

Hi Everyone! Is there any ETA on review and merge of this PR?

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Could you please merge this PR? This is an important future for us.

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@bflad would it be feasible to merge this PR anytime soon? Echoing the sentiment of many commentators in this thread, this addition would help me fully terraform my ALB requirements.

Thank you for your time and effort. Cheers!

@bflad bflad added this to the v2.18.0 milestone Jun 18, 2019
@aeschright aeschright added this to the v2.42.0 milestone Dec 6, 2019
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@aeschright aeschright left a comment

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Thank you so much! 馃殌 馃帀

--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionQueryString (190.50s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionMultiple (201.69s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader_deprecated (202.03s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_changeListenerRuleArnForcesNew (203.73s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order_Recreates (204.14s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_fixedResponse (206.32s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHostHeader (208.64s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern (210.67s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_oidc (220.87s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpHeader (226.07s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionPathPattern_deprecated (227.85s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionHttpRequestMethod (238.79s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRuleBackwardsCompatibility (237.24s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_Action_Order (251.73s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_basic (268.04s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_cognito (299.88s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_redirect (299.05s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_conditionSourceIp (309.71s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_updateRulePriority (273.67s)
--- PASS: TestAccAWSLBListenerRule_priority (389.79s)

@aeschright aeschright merged commit 923cc6e into hashicorp:master Dec 6, 2019
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This will be included in next week's release, v2.42.0.

aeschright added a commit that referenced this pull request Dec 6, 2019
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Contributor Author

Wonderful! Thank you @aeschright .

@dpiddockcmp dpiddockcmp deleted the 8126-alb-adv branch Dec 7, 2019
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@dpiddockcmp @aeschright Thank You for all your work on this! 鉂わ笍

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dfens1 commented Dec 7, 2019

Awesome! Thank you all!!

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Wow. Don't believe in it. Finally!

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Thanks, finally its merged. Was waiting for this from long time.

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will this have the new weighted target group feature?

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Contributor Author

Hi @sandangel,

This PR has been merged and no further changes will be made to it.

Target group weighting is a feature of the forward Action. This PR was only adding the advanced routing rules which are part of the Conditions. Weighting would never have been added to this PR even if the feature had been released when this PR was being written.

Issue #10942 has been raised for weighted target groups but no PR so far.

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ghost commented Dec 13, 2019

This has been released in version 2.42.0 of the Terraform AWS provider. Please see the Terraform documentation on provider versioning or reach out if you need any assistance upgrading.

For further feature requests or bug reports with this functionality, please create a new GitHub issue following the template for triage. Thanks!

gil-fugue pushed a commit to LuminalHQ/terraform-provider-aws that referenced this pull request Dec 16, 2019
jaspervdj-luminal pushed a commit to LuminalHQ/terraform-provider-aws that referenced this pull request Dec 31, 2019
mwarkentin added a commit to mwarkentin/terraform-aws-atlantis that referenced this pull request Jan 7, 2020
Upstream change: hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws#8268

Should fix this warning:

Warning: "condition.0.values": [DEPRECATED] use 'host_header' or 'path_pattern' attribute instead

  on .terraform/modules/atlantis/terraform-aws-modules-terraform-aws-atlantis-e1242e3/ line 213, in resource "aws_lb_listener_rule" "redirect_http_to_https":
 213: resource "aws_lb_listener_rule" "redirect_http_to_https" {
curtis-fugue added a commit to LuminalHQ/terraform-provider-aws that referenced this pull request Jan 13, 2020
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ghost commented Mar 28, 2020

I'm going to lock this issue because it has been closed for 30 days . This helps our maintainers find and focus on the active issues.

If you feel this issue should be reopened, we encourage creating a new issue linking back to this one for added context. Thanks!

@hashicorp hashicorp locked and limited conversation to collaborators Mar 28, 2020
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Support ALB advanced request routing