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Bitbucket: bitbucket_default_reviewers
Provides support for setting up default reviews for bitbucket.


Provides support for setting up default reviewers for your repository. You must however have the UUID of the user available. Since Bitbucket has removed usernames from its APIs the best case is to use the UUID via the data provider.

Example Usage

# Manage your repositories default reviewers
data "bitbucket_user" "reviewer" {
  username = "gob"

resource "bitbucket_default_reviewers" "infrastructure" {
  owner      = "myteam"
  repository = "terraform-code"

  reviewers = [

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • owner - (Required) The owner of this repository. Can be you or any team you have write access to.
  • repository - (Required) The name of the repository.
  • reviewers - (Required) A list of reviewers to use.