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Cloudstack: cloudstack_template
Get informations on a Cloudstack template.


Use this datasource to get the ID of a template for use in other resources.

Example Usage

data "cloudstack_template" "my_template" {
  template_filter = "featured"

  filter {
    name = "name"
    value = "CentOS 7\\.1"

  filter {
    name = "hypervisor"
    value = "KVM"

Argument Reference

  • template_filter - (Required) The template filter. Possible values are featured, self, selfexecutable, sharedexecutable, executable and community (see the Cloudstack API listTemplate command documentation).

  • filter - (Required) One or more name/value pairs to filter off of. You can apply filters on any exported attributes.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The template ID.
  • account - The account name to which the template belongs.
  • created - The date this template was created.
  • display_text - The template display text.
  • format - The format of the template.
  • hypervisor - The hypervisor on which the templates runs.
  • name - The template name.
  • size - The size of the template.