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Provider: InfluxDB
The InfluxDB provider configures databases, etc on an InfluxDB server.

InfluxDB Provider

The InfluxDB provider allows Terraform to create Databases in InfluxDB. InfluxDB is a database server optimized for time-series data.

The provider configuration block accepts the following arguments:

  • url - (Optional) The root URL of a InfluxDB server. May alternatively be set via the INFLUXDB_URL environment variable. Defaults to http://localhost:8086/.

  • username - (Optional) The name of the user to use when making requests. May alternatively be set via the INFLUXDB_USERNAME environment variable.

  • password - (Optional) The password to use when making requests. May alternatively be set via the INFLUXDB_PASSWORD environment variable.

  • skip_ssl_verify - (Optional) If HTTPS enabled on server, and TLS/SSL certificate is, say, self-signed, can set to true to bypass what this client considers insecure server connections. May alternatively be set via the environment (i.e., INFLUXDB_SKIP_SSL_VERIFY=1)

Use the navigation to the left to read about the available resources.

Example Usage

provider "influxdb" {
  url      = ""
  username = "terraform"

resource "influxdb_database" "metrics" {
  name = "awesome_app"

resource "influxdb_continuous_query" "minnie" {
  name     = "minnie"
  database = "${}"
  query    = "SELECT min(mouse) INTO min_mouse FROM zoo GROUP BY time(30m)"

resource "influxdb_user" "paul" {
  name     = "paul"
  password = "super-secret"
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