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InfluxDB: influxdb_user
The influxdb_user resource allows an InfluxDB users to be managed.


The user resource allows a user to be created on an InfluxDB server.

Example Usage

resource "influxdb_database" "green" {
    name = "terraform-green"

resource "influxdb_user" "paul" {
    name = "paul"
    password = "super-secret"

    grant {
      database = "${}"
      privilege = "write"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name for the user.
  • password - (Required) The password for the user.
  • admin - (Optional) Mark the user as admin.
  • grant - (Optional) A list of grants for non-admin users

Each grant supports the following:

  • database - (Required) The name of the database the privilege is associated with
  • privilege - (Required) The privilege to grant (READ|WRITE|ALL)

Attributes Reference

  • admin - (Bool) indication if the user is an admin or not.