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This is an introduction to JDCloud plugin and help users setting up their credentials.


JDCloud provider helps managing resources on JDCloud. Before you start with this plugin, you have to provide a pair of access key and secret to identify yourself.

-> Navigation bar on the left gives you a brief mind on how to manage resources on JDCloud that is currently available.


Credential consists of your key pairs and the region id, which is used for authentication. Currently you can set up your credential in two ways:

  • Simply write them in your configuration file
  • Set them as environment variables

Write them in your configuration file

For example, a credential can look like this. Place this at the beginning of

provider "jdcloud" {
  access_key = "your_access_key"
  secret_key = "your_secret_key"
  region     = "cn-north-1"

Set as environment variable

Or you can set them as environment variable via command line

$ export access_key="your_access_key"
$ export secret_key="your_secret_key"
$ export region="cn-north-1"

And leave the provider field blank in configuration file. Terraform will load them automatically.

provider "jdcloud" {