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MySQL: mysql_user
Creates and manages a user on a MySQL server.


The mysql_user resource creates and manages a user on a MySQL server.

~> Note: The password for the user is provided in plain text, and is obscured by an unsalted hash in the state Read more about sensitive data in state. Care is required when using this resource, to avoid disclosing the password.

Example Usage

resource "mysql_user" "jdoe" {
  user               = "jdoe"
  host               = ""
  plaintext_password = "password"

Example Usage with an Authentication Plugin

resource "mysql_user" "nologin" {
  user               = "nologin"
  host               = ""
  auth_plugin        = "mysql_no_login"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • user - (Required) The name of the user.
  • host - (Optional) The source host of the user. Defaults to "localhost".
  • plaintext_password - (Optional) The password for the user. This must be provided in plain text, so the data source for it must be secured. An unsalted hash of the provided password is stored in state. Conflicts with auth_plugin.
  • password - (Optional) Deprecated alias of plaintext_password, whose value is stored as plaintext in state. Prefer to use plaintext_password instead, which stores the password as an unsalted hash. Conflicts with auth_plugin.
  • auth_plugin - (Optional) Use an authentication plugin to authenticate the user instead of using password authentication. Description of the fields allowed in the block below. Conflicts with password and plaintext_password.
  • tls_option - (Optional) An TLS-Option for the CREATE USER or ALTER USER statement. The value is suffixed to REQUIRE. A value of 'SSL' will generate a CREATE USER ... REQUIRE SSL statement. See the MYSQL CREATE USER documentation for more. Ignored if MySQL version is under 5.7.0.

The auth_plugin value supports:

  • AWSAuthenticationPlugin - Allows the use of IAM authentication with Amazon Aurora. For more details on how to use IAM auth with Aurora, see here.
  • mysql_no_login - Uses the MySQL No-Login Authentication Plugin. The No-Login Authentication Plugin must be active in MySQL. For more information, see here.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • user - The name of the user.
  • password - The password of the user.
  • id - The id of the user created, composed as "username@host".
  • host - The host where the user was created.

Attributes Reference

No further attributes are exported.