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Netlify: netlify_site
Provides an site resource.


Primary settings for a Netlify site - should contain the bulk of your configuration. Allows configuration of most aspects of your Netlify site.

Example Usage

resource "netlify_site" "main" {
  name = "my-site"

  repo {
    command       = "middleman build"
    deploy_key_id = "${}"
    dir           = "/build"
    provider      = "github"
    repo_path     = "username/repo"
    repo_branch   = "master"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) - Name of your site on Netlify (e.g.
  • repo - (Required) - See Repository
  • custom_domain - (Optional) - Custom domain of the site, must be configured using a CNAME in accordance with Netlify's docs. (e.g.
  • deploy_url - (Optional)


repo supports the following arguments:

  • command - (Optional) - Shell command to run before deployment, typically used to build the site
  • deploy_key_id - (Optional) - A deploy key id from the deploy_key resource
  • dir - (Optional) - Directory to deploy, typically where the build puts the processed files
  • provider - (Required) - Name of your VCS provider (e.g. github)
  • repo_path - (Required) - path to your repo, typically username/reponame
  • repo_branch - (Required) - branch to be deployed