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Provider: 1&1
A provider for 1&1.

1&1 Provider

The 1&1 provider gives the ability to deploy and configure resources using the 1&1 Cloud Server API.

Use the navigation to the left to read about the available resources.


The provider needs to be configured with proper credentials before it can be used.

$ export ONEANDONE_TOKEN="oneandone_token"

Or you can provide your credentials like this:

The credentials provided in .tf file will override credentials in the environment variables.

Example Usage

provider "oneandone"{
  token = "oneandone_token"
  endpoint = "oneandone_endpoint"
  retries = 100

resource "oneandone_server" "server" {
  # ...

Configuration Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • token - (Required) If omitted, the ONEANDONE_TOKEN environment variable is used.

  • endpoint - (Optional)

  • retries - (Optional) Number of retries while waiting for a resource to be provisioned. Default value is 50.