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Provider: SoftLayer
The Docker provider is used to interact with Docker containers and images.

SoftLayer Provider

~> This provider is deprecated, and the service it interacts with has been discontinued.

The SoftLayer provider is used to manage SoftLayer resources.

Use the navigation to the left to read about the available resources.

!> Note: The SoftLayer provider is deprecated and not under active development. It will not work with many IBM Cloud resources and is not compatible with the new IBM Cloud APIs.

Example Usage

Here is an example that will setup the following:

  • An SSH key resource.
  • A virtual server resource that uses an existing SSH key.
  • A virtual server resource using an existing SSH key and a Terraform managed SSH key (created as test_key_1 in the example below).

Add the below to a file called and run the terraform command from the same directory:

provider "softlayer" {
  username = ""
  api_key  = ""

# This will create a new SSH key that will show up under the \
# Devices>Manage>SSH Keys in the SoftLayer console.
resource "softlayer_ssh_key" "test_key_1" {
  name       = "test_key_1"
  public_key = "${file(\"~/.ssh/\")}"

  # Windows Example:
  # public_key = "${file(\"C:\ssh\keys\path\\")}"

# Virtual Server created with existing SSH Key already in SoftLayer \
# inventory and not created using this Terraform template.
resource "softlayer_virtual_guest" "my_server_1" {
  name                 = "my_server_1"
  domain               = ""
  ssh_keys             = ["123456"]
  image                = "DEBIAN_7_64"
  region               = "ams01"
  public_network_speed = 10
  cpu                  = 1
  ram                  = 1024

# Virtual Server created with a mix of previously existing and \
# Terraform created/managed resources.
resource "softlayer_virtual_guest" "my_server_2" {
  name                 = "my_server_2"
  domain               = ""
  ssh_keys             = ["123456", "${}"]
  image                = "CENTOS_6_64"
  region               = "ams01"
  public_network_speed = 10
  cpu                  = 1
  ram                  = 1024

You'll need to provide your SoftLayer username and API key, so that Terraform can connect. If you don't want to put credentials in your configuration file, you can leave them out:

provider "softlayer" {}

...and instead set these environment variables:

  • SOFTLAYER_USERNAME: Your SoftLayer username