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Terraform vCloud Director Provider

The official Terraform provider for VMware vCloud Director

Part of Terraform


Building The Provider (the modules way)

Note. You only need to build the provider plugin if you want to develop it. Refer to documentation for using it. Terraform will automatically download officially released binaries of this provider plugin on the first run of terraform init command.

Starting with version 2.1 provider started using Go modules This means that it is no longer necessary to be in GOPATH. See more on how to use modules and toggle between modes.

$ cd ~/mydir
$ git clone
$ cd terraform-provider-vcd/
$ make build

Building The Provider (the old vendor way)

Prior to version 2.1 provider used Go vendor directory for dependency management. This method is not recommended anymore, but can be used to build provider on Go versions < 1.11.

Clone repository to: $GOPATH/src/

$ mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/; cd $GOPATH/src/
$ git clone

Enter the provider directory and build the provider

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make build

Developing the Provider

Starting with terraform-provider-vcd version 2.1 Go modules are used, while vendor directory is left for backwards compatibility only. This means a few things:

  • The code no longer needs to stay in your GOPATH. It can though - see more on how to use modules and toggle between modes.
  • vendor directory is not to be changed manually. Always use Go modules when introducing new dependencies and always rebuild the vendor directory using go mod vendor if you have changed go.mod or go.sum. Travis CI will catch and fail if it is not done. Note Go 1.14+ must be used for go mod vendor as starting with this version "/vendor" directory structure changed and Travis will fail if "/vendor" is built and commited with Go <1.12.
  • When developing terraform-provider-vcd one often needs to add extra stuff to go-vcloud-director. Go modules have a convenient replace directive which can allow you to redirect import path to your own version of go-vcloud-director. go.mod can be altered:
  • You can replace your import with a forked branch like this:
   require (
   	... v2.1.0-alpha.2
   replace v2.1.0-alpha.2 => v2.1.0-alpha.2    
  • You can also replace pointer to a branch with relative directory
    require (
    	... v2.1.0-alpha.2
    replace v2.1.0-alpha.2 => ../go-vcloud-director

See for more advice on how to write code for this project.

Using the provider

Installing the built provider

For a more thorough test using the Terraform client, you may want to transfer the plugin in the Terraform directory. A make command can do this for you:

$ make install

This command will build the plugin and transfer it to $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins, with a name that includes the version (as taken from the ./VERSION file).

Using the new plugin

Once you have installed the plugin as mentioned above, you can simply create a new as defined in the manual and run

$ terraform init
$ terraform plan
$ terraform apply