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# generate runs `go generate` to build the dynamically generated
# source files, except the protobuf stubs which are built instead with
# "make protobuf".
go generate ./...
# We separate the protobuf generation because most development tasks on
# Terraform do not involve changing protobuf files and protoc is not a
# go-gettable dependency and so getting it installed can be inconvenient.
# If you are working on changes to protobuf interfaces, run this Makefile
# target to be sure to regenerate all of the protobuf stubs using the expected
# versions of protoc and the protoc Go plugins.
go run ./tools/protobuf-compile .
# Run this if working on the website locally to run in watch mode.
$(MAKE) -C website website
# Use this if you have run `website/build-local` to use the locally built image.
$(MAKE) -C website website/local
# Run this to generate a new local Docker image.
$(MAKE) -C website website/build-local
# disallow any parallelism (-j) for Make. This is necessary since some
# commands during the build process create temporary files that collide
# under parallel conditions.
.PHONY: fmtcheck importscheck generate protobuf staticcheck website website/local website/build-local