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package config
// configTree represents a tree of configurations where the root is the
// first file and its children are the configurations it has imported.
type configTree struct {
Path string
Config *Config
Children []*configTree
// Flatten flattens the entire tree down to a single merged Config
// structure.
func (t *configTree) Flatten() (*Config, error) {
// No children is easy: we're already merged!
if len(t.Children) == 0 {
return t.Config, nil
// Depth-first, merge all the children first.
childConfigs := make([]*Config, len(t.Children))
for i, ct := range t.Children {
c, err := ct.Flatten()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
childConfigs[i] = c
// Merge all the children in order
config := childConfigs[0]
childConfigs = childConfigs[1:]
for _, config2 := range childConfigs {
var err error
config, err = Merge(config, config2)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
// Merge the final merged child config with our own
return Merge(config, t.Config)
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