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package terraform
//go:generate stringer -type=GraphType context_graph_type.go
// GraphType is an enum of the type of graph to create with a Context.
// The values of the constants may change so they shouldn't be depended on;
// always use the constant name.
type GraphType byte
const (
GraphTypeInvalid GraphType = 0
GraphTypeLegacy GraphType = iota
GraphTypeEval // only visits in-memory elements such as variables, locals, and outputs.
// GraphTypeMap is a mapping of human-readable string to GraphType. This
// is useful to use as the mechanism for human input for configurable
// graph types.
var GraphTypeMap = map[string]GraphType{
"apply": GraphTypeApply,
"plan": GraphTypePlan,
"plan-destroy": GraphTypePlanDestroy,
"refresh": GraphTypeRefresh,
"legacy": GraphTypeLegacy,
"validate": GraphTypeValidate,
"eval": GraphTypeEval,
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