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package terraform
import (
// ImportOpts are used as the configuration for Import.
type ImportOpts struct {
// Targets are the targets to import
Targets []*ImportTarget
// Config is optional, and specifies a config tree that will be loaded
// into the graph and evaluated. This is the source for provider
// configurations.
Config *configs.Config
// ImportTarget is a single resource to import.
type ImportTarget struct {
// Addr is the address for the resource instance that the new object should
// be imported into.
Addr addrs.AbsResourceInstance
// ID is the ID of the resource to import. This is resource-specific.
ID string
// ProviderAddr is the address of the provider that should handle the import.
ProviderAddr addrs.AbsProviderConfig
// Import takes already-created external resources and brings them
// under Terraform management. Import requires the exact type, name, and ID
// of the resources to import.
// This operation is idempotent. If the requested resource is already
// imported, no changes are made to the state.
// Further, this operation also gracefully handles partial state. If during
// an import there is a failure, all previously imported resources remain
// imported.
func (c *Context) Import(opts *ImportOpts) (*states.State, tfdiags.Diagnostics) {
var diags tfdiags.Diagnostics
// Hold a lock since we can modify our own state here
defer c.acquireRun("import")()
// Copy our own state
c.state = c.state.DeepCopy()
// If no module is given, default to the module configured with
// the Context.
config := opts.Config
if config == nil {
config = c.config
// Initialize our graph builder
builder := &ImportGraphBuilder{
ImportTargets: opts.Targets,
Config: config,
Components: c.components,
Schemas: c.schemas,
// Build the graph!
graph, graphDiags := builder.Build(addrs.RootModuleInstance)
diags = diags.Append(graphDiags)
if graphDiags.HasErrors() {
return c.state, diags
// Walk it
_, walkDiags := c.walk(graph, walkImport)
diags = diags.Append(walkDiags)
if walkDiags.HasErrors() {
return c.state, diags
return c.state, diags
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