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package terraform
import (
// ImportGraphBuilder implements GraphBuilder and is responsible for building
// a graph for importing resources into Terraform. This is a much, much
// simpler graph than a normal configuration graph.
type ImportGraphBuilder struct {
// ImportTargets are the list of resources to import.
ImportTargets []*ImportTarget
// Module is a configuration to build the graph from. See ImportOpts.Config.
Config *configs.Config
// Components is the factory for our available plugin components.
Components contextComponentFactory
// Schemas is the repository of schemas we will draw from to analyse
// the configuration.
Schemas *Schemas
// Build builds the graph according to the steps returned by Steps.
func (b *ImportGraphBuilder) Build(path addrs.ModuleInstance) (*Graph, tfdiags.Diagnostics) {
return (&BasicGraphBuilder{
Steps: b.Steps(),
Validate: true,
Name: "ImportGraphBuilder",
// Steps returns the ordered list of GraphTransformers that must be executed
// to build a complete graph.
func (b *ImportGraphBuilder) Steps() []GraphTransformer {
// Get the module. If we don't have one, we just use an empty tree
// so that the transform still works but does nothing.
config := b.Config
if config == nil {
config = configs.NewEmptyConfig()
// Custom factory for creating providers.
concreteProvider := func(a *NodeAbstractProvider) dag.Vertex {
return &NodeApplyableProvider{
NodeAbstractProvider: a,
steps := []GraphTransformer{
// Create all our resources from the configuration and state
&ConfigTransformer{Config: config},
// Add the import steps
&ImportStateTransformer{Targets: b.ImportTargets},
// Add root variables
&RootVariableTransformer{Config: b.Config},
TransformProviders(b.Components.ResourceProviders(), concreteProvider, config),
// This validates that the providers only depend on variables
// Add the local values
&LocalTransformer{Config: b.Config},
// Add the outputs
&OutputTransformer{Config: b.Config},
// Add module variables
&ModuleVariableTransformer{Config: b.Config},
// Must attach schemas before ReferenceTransformer so that we can
// analyze the configuration to find references.
&AttachSchemaTransformer{Schemas: b.Schemas},
// Connect so that the references are ready for targeting. We'll
// have to connect again later for providers and so on.
// Close opened plugin connections
// Single root
// Optimize
return steps
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