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package terraform
import (
// GraphWalker is an interface that can be implemented that when used
// with Graph.Walk will invoke the given callbacks under certain events.
type GraphWalker interface {
EnterPath(addrs.ModuleInstance) EvalContext
ExitVertex(dag.Vertex, tfdiags.Diagnostics)
EnterEvalTree(dag.Vertex, EvalNode) EvalNode
ExitEvalTree(dag.Vertex, interface{}, error) tfdiags.Diagnostics
// NullGraphWalker is a GraphWalker implementation that does nothing.
// This can be embedded within other GraphWalker implementations for easily
// implementing all the required functions.
type NullGraphWalker struct{}
func (NullGraphWalker) EnterPath(addrs.ModuleInstance) EvalContext { return new(MockEvalContext) }
func (NullGraphWalker) ExitPath(addrs.ModuleInstance) {}
func (NullGraphWalker) EnterVertex(dag.Vertex) {}
func (NullGraphWalker) ExitVertex(dag.Vertex, tfdiags.Diagnostics) {}
func (NullGraphWalker) EnterEvalTree(v dag.Vertex, n EvalNode) EvalNode { return n }
func (NullGraphWalker) ExitEvalTree(dag.Vertex, interface{}, error) tfdiags.Diagnostics {
return nil
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