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package terraform
import (
// NodeApplyableResource represents a resource that is "applyable":
// it may need to have its record in the state adjusted to match configuration.
// Unlike in the plan walk, this resource node does not DynamicExpand. Instead,
// it should be inserted into the same graph as any instances of the nodes
// with dependency edges ensuring that the resource is evaluated before any
// of its instances, which will turn ensure that the whole-resource record
// in the state is suitably prepared to receive any updates to instances.
type NodeApplyableResource struct {
var (
_ GraphNodeResource = (*NodeApplyableResource)(nil)
_ GraphNodeEvalable = (*NodeApplyableResource)(nil)
_ GraphNodeProviderConsumer = (*NodeApplyableResource)(nil)
_ GraphNodeAttachResourceConfig = (*NodeApplyableResource)(nil)
_ GraphNodeReferencer = (*NodeApplyableResource)(nil)
func (n *NodeApplyableResource) Name() string {
return n.NodeAbstractResource.Name() + " (prepare state)"
func (n *NodeApplyableResource) References() []*addrs.Reference {
if n.Config == nil {
log.Printf("[WARN] NodeApplyableResource %q: no configuration, so can't determine References", dag.VertexName(n))
return nil
var result []*addrs.Reference
// Since this node type only updates resource-level metadata, we only
// need to worry about the parts of the configuration that affect
// our "each mode": the count and for_each meta-arguments.
refs, _ := lang.ReferencesInExpr(n.Config.Count)
result = append(result, refs...)
refs, _ = lang.ReferencesInExpr(n.Config.ForEach)
result = append(result, refs...)
return result
// GraphNodeEvalable
func (n *NodeApplyableResource) EvalTree() EvalNode {
addr := n.ResourceAddr()
config := n.Config
providerAddr := n.ResolvedProvider
if config == nil {
// Nothing to do, then.
log.Printf("[TRACE] NodeApplyableResource: no configuration present for %s", addr)
return &EvalNoop{}
return &EvalWriteResourceState{
Addr: addr.Resource,
Config: config,
ProviderAddr: providerAddr,
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