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package terraform
import (
// MockResourceProvider implements ResourceProvider but mocks out all the
// calls for testing purposes.
type MockResourceProvider struct {
// Anything you want, in case you need to store extra data with the mock.
Meta interface{}
CloseCalled bool
CloseError error
GetSchemaCalled bool
GetSchemaRequest *ProviderSchemaRequest
GetSchemaReturn *ProviderSchema
GetSchemaReturnError error
InputCalled bool
InputInput UIInput
InputConfig *ResourceConfig
InputReturnConfig *ResourceConfig
InputReturnError error
InputFn func(UIInput, *ResourceConfig) (*ResourceConfig, error)
ApplyCalled bool
ApplyInfo *InstanceInfo
ApplyState *InstanceState
ApplyDiff *InstanceDiff
ApplyFn func(*InstanceInfo, *InstanceState, *InstanceDiff) (*InstanceState, error)
ApplyReturn *InstanceState
ApplyReturnError error
ConfigureCalled bool
ConfigureConfig *ResourceConfig
ConfigureFn func(*ResourceConfig) error
ConfigureReturnError error
DiffCalled bool
DiffInfo *InstanceInfo
DiffState *InstanceState
DiffDesired *ResourceConfig
DiffFn func(*InstanceInfo, *InstanceState, *ResourceConfig) (*InstanceDiff, error)
DiffReturn *InstanceDiff
DiffReturnError error
RefreshCalled bool
RefreshInfo *InstanceInfo
RefreshState *InstanceState
RefreshFn func(*InstanceInfo, *InstanceState) (*InstanceState, error)
RefreshReturn *InstanceState
RefreshReturnError error
ResourcesCalled bool
ResourcesReturn []ResourceType
ReadDataApplyCalled bool
ReadDataApplyInfo *InstanceInfo
ReadDataApplyDiff *InstanceDiff
ReadDataApplyFn func(*InstanceInfo, *InstanceDiff) (*InstanceState, error)
ReadDataApplyReturn *InstanceState
ReadDataApplyReturnError error
ReadDataDiffCalled bool
ReadDataDiffInfo *InstanceInfo
ReadDataDiffDesired *ResourceConfig
ReadDataDiffFn func(*InstanceInfo, *ResourceConfig) (*InstanceDiff, error)
ReadDataDiffReturn *InstanceDiff
ReadDataDiffReturnError error
StopCalled bool
StopFn func() error
StopReturnError error
DataSourcesCalled bool
DataSourcesReturn []DataSource
ValidateCalled bool
ValidateConfig *ResourceConfig
ValidateFn func(*ResourceConfig) ([]string, []error)
ValidateReturnWarns []string
ValidateReturnErrors []error
ValidateResourceFn func(string, *ResourceConfig) ([]string, []error)
ValidateResourceCalled bool
ValidateResourceType string
ValidateResourceConfig *ResourceConfig
ValidateResourceReturnWarns []string
ValidateResourceReturnErrors []error
ValidateDataSourceFn func(string, *ResourceConfig) ([]string, []error)
ValidateDataSourceCalled bool
ValidateDataSourceType string
ValidateDataSourceConfig *ResourceConfig
ValidateDataSourceReturnWarns []string
ValidateDataSourceReturnErrors []error
ImportStateCalled bool
ImportStateInfo *InstanceInfo
ImportStateID string
ImportStateReturn []*InstanceState
ImportStateReturnError error
ImportStateFn func(*InstanceInfo, string) ([]*InstanceState, error)
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Close() error {
p.CloseCalled = true
return p.CloseError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) GetSchema(req *ProviderSchemaRequest) (*ProviderSchema, error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.GetSchemaCalled = true
p.GetSchemaRequest = req
return p.GetSchemaReturn, p.GetSchemaReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Input(
input UIInput, c *ResourceConfig) (*ResourceConfig, error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.InputCalled = true
p.InputInput = input
p.InputConfig = c
if p.InputFn != nil {
return p.InputFn(input, c)
return p.InputReturnConfig, p.InputReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Validate(c *ResourceConfig) ([]string, []error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ValidateCalled = true
p.ValidateConfig = c
if p.ValidateFn != nil {
return p.ValidateFn(c)
return p.ValidateReturnWarns, p.ValidateReturnErrors
func (p *MockResourceProvider) ValidateResource(t string, c *ResourceConfig) ([]string, []error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ValidateResourceCalled = true
p.ValidateResourceType = t
p.ValidateResourceConfig = c
if p.ValidateResourceFn != nil {
return p.ValidateResourceFn(t, c)
return p.ValidateResourceReturnWarns, p.ValidateResourceReturnErrors
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Configure(c *ResourceConfig) error {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ConfigureCalled = true
p.ConfigureConfig = c
if p.ConfigureFn != nil {
return p.ConfigureFn(c)
return p.ConfigureReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Stop() error {
defer p.Unlock()
p.StopCalled = true
if p.StopFn != nil {
return p.StopFn()
return p.StopReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Apply(
info *InstanceInfo,
state *InstanceState,
diff *InstanceDiff) (*InstanceState, error) {
// We only lock while writing data. Reading is fine
p.ApplyCalled = true
p.ApplyInfo = info
p.ApplyState = state
p.ApplyDiff = diff
if p.ApplyFn != nil {
return p.ApplyFn(info, state, diff)
return p.ApplyReturn.DeepCopy(), p.ApplyReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Diff(
info *InstanceInfo,
state *InstanceState,
desired *ResourceConfig) (*InstanceDiff, error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.DiffCalled = true
p.DiffInfo = info
p.DiffState = state
p.DiffDesired = desired
if p.DiffFn != nil {
return p.DiffFn(info, state, desired)
return p.DiffReturn.DeepCopy(), p.DiffReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Refresh(
info *InstanceInfo,
s *InstanceState) (*InstanceState, error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.RefreshCalled = true
p.RefreshInfo = info
p.RefreshState = s
if p.RefreshFn != nil {
return p.RefreshFn(info, s)
return p.RefreshReturn.DeepCopy(), p.RefreshReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) Resources() []ResourceType {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ResourcesCalled = true
return p.ResourcesReturn
func (p *MockResourceProvider) ImportState(info *InstanceInfo, id string) ([]*InstanceState, error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ImportStateCalled = true
p.ImportStateInfo = info
p.ImportStateID = id
if p.ImportStateFn != nil {
return p.ImportStateFn(info, id)
var result []*InstanceState
if p.ImportStateReturn != nil {
result = make([]*InstanceState, len(p.ImportStateReturn))
for i, v := range p.ImportStateReturn {
result[i] = v.DeepCopy()
return result, p.ImportStateReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) ValidateDataSource(t string, c *ResourceConfig) ([]string, []error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ValidateDataSourceCalled = true
p.ValidateDataSourceType = t
p.ValidateDataSourceConfig = c
if p.ValidateDataSourceFn != nil {
return p.ValidateDataSourceFn(t, c)
return p.ValidateDataSourceReturnWarns, p.ValidateDataSourceReturnErrors
func (p *MockResourceProvider) ReadDataDiff(
info *InstanceInfo,
desired *ResourceConfig) (*InstanceDiff, error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ReadDataDiffCalled = true
p.ReadDataDiffInfo = info
p.ReadDataDiffDesired = desired
if p.ReadDataDiffFn != nil {
return p.ReadDataDiffFn(info, desired)
return p.ReadDataDiffReturn.DeepCopy(), p.ReadDataDiffReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) ReadDataApply(
info *InstanceInfo,
d *InstanceDiff) (*InstanceState, error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ReadDataApplyCalled = true
p.ReadDataApplyInfo = info
p.ReadDataApplyDiff = d
if p.ReadDataApplyFn != nil {
return p.ReadDataApplyFn(info, d)
return p.ReadDataApplyReturn.DeepCopy(), p.ReadDataApplyReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvider) DataSources() []DataSource {
defer p.Unlock()
p.DataSourcesCalled = true
return p.DataSourcesReturn
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