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package terraform
import (
// MockResourceProvisioner implements ResourceProvisioner but mocks out all the
// calls for testing purposes.
type MockResourceProvisioner struct {
// Anything you want, in case you need to store extra data with the mock.
Meta interface{}
GetConfigSchemaCalled bool
GetConfigSchemaReturnSchema *configschema.Block
GetConfigSchemaReturnError error
ApplyCalled bool
ApplyOutput UIOutput
ApplyState *InstanceState
ApplyConfig *ResourceConfig
ApplyFn func(*InstanceState, *ResourceConfig) error
ApplyReturnError error
ValidateCalled bool
ValidateConfig *ResourceConfig
ValidateFn func(c *ResourceConfig) ([]string, []error)
ValidateReturnWarns []string
ValidateReturnErrors []error
StopCalled bool
StopFn func() error
StopReturnError error
var _ ResourceProvisioner = (*MockResourceProvisioner)(nil)
func (p *MockResourceProvisioner) GetConfigSchema() (*configschema.Block, error) {
p.GetConfigSchemaCalled = true
return p.GetConfigSchemaReturnSchema, p.GetConfigSchemaReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvisioner) Validate(c *ResourceConfig) ([]string, []error) {
defer p.Unlock()
p.ValidateCalled = true
p.ValidateConfig = c
if p.ValidateFn != nil {
return p.ValidateFn(c)
return p.ValidateReturnWarns, p.ValidateReturnErrors
func (p *MockResourceProvisioner) Apply(
output UIOutput,
state *InstanceState,
c *ResourceConfig) error {
p.ApplyCalled = true
p.ApplyOutput = output
p.ApplyState = state
p.ApplyConfig = c
if p.ApplyFn != nil {
fn := p.ApplyFn
return fn(state, c)
defer p.Unlock()
return p.ApplyReturnError
func (p *MockResourceProvisioner) Stop() error {
defer p.Unlock()
p.StopCalled = true
if p.StopFn != nil {
return p.StopFn()
return p.StopReturnError
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