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package terraform
import (
// OutputTransformer is a GraphTransformer that adds all the outputs
// in the configuration to the graph.
// This is done for the apply graph builder even if dependent nodes
// aren't changing since there is no downside: the state will be available
// even if the dependent items aren't changing.
type OutputTransformer struct {
Config *configs.Config
func (t *OutputTransformer) Transform(g *Graph) error {
return t.transform(g, t.Config)
func (t *OutputTransformer) transform(g *Graph, c *configs.Config) error {
// If we have no config then there can be no outputs.
if c == nil {
return nil
// Transform all the children. We must do this first because
// we can reference module outputs and they must show up in the
// reference map.
for _, cc := range c.Children {
if err := t.transform(g, cc); err != nil {
return err
// Our addressing system distinguishes between modules and module instances,
// but we're not yet ready to make that distinction here (since we don't
// support "count"/"for_each" on modules) and so we just do a naive
// transform of the module path into a module instance path, assuming that
// no keys are in use. This should be removed when "count" and "for_each"
// are implemented for modules.
path := c.Path.UnkeyedInstanceShim()
for _, o := range c.Module.Outputs {
addr := path.OutputValue(o.Name)
node := &NodeApplyableOutput{
Addr: addr,
Config: o,
return nil
// DestroyOutputTransformer is a GraphTransformer that adds nodes to delete
// outputs during destroy. We need to do this to ensure that no stale outputs
// are ever left in the state.
type DestroyOutputTransformer struct {
func (t *DestroyOutputTransformer) Transform(g *Graph) error {
for _, v := range g.Vertices() {
output, ok := v.(*NodeApplyableOutput)
if !ok {
// create the destroy node for this output
node := &NodeDestroyableOutput{
Addr: output.Addr,
Config: output.Config,
log.Printf("[TRACE] creating %s", node.Name())
deps, err := g.Descendents(v)
if err != nil {
return err
// the destroy node must depend on the eval node
for _, d := range deps.List() {
log.Printf("[TRACE] %s depends on %s", node.Name(), dag.VertexName(d))
g.Connect(dag.BasicEdge(node, d))
return nil
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