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acctest Fix swallowed err in acctest package Jul 19, 2017
config Fix failing tests Oct 10, 2014
copy config/module: use the raw source as part of the key Sep 30, 2016
customdiff helper/customdiff: Helper functions for CustomizeDiff Dec 18, 2017
didyoumean helper/didyoumean: helper library for "Did you mean ...? suggestions Oct 17, 2017
diff helper/diff: handle unknownvariablevalue Nov 9, 2016
encryption provider/aws: Extract helper/encryption library Dec 6, 2016
experiment terraform: default shadow to false Feb 7, 2017
hashcode hashcode: "Strings" function for hashing slices of strings Oct 20, 2017
hilmapstructure core: Defeat backward compatibilty in mapstructure Jun 8, 2016
logging pretty-print json in http requests/responses Aug 9, 2018
mutexkv provider/aws: serialize SG rule access to fix race condition Nov 18, 2015
pathorcontents helper/pathorcontents: Skip one test when root Sep 19, 2018
plugin add missing key-value from test Nov 19, 2018
resource plugin: Establish our current plugin protocol as version 5 Nov 19, 2018
schema use ShimInstanceStateFromValue in DiffFromValues Nov 16, 2018
shadow Make sure shadow.closeWalker doesn't copy Mutexes Jul 7, 2017
signalwrapper providers/azurerm: cancellable storage account creation Aug 16, 2016
slowmessage helper/slowmessage Feb 14, 2017
structure helper/structure: More cases for NormalizeJsonString tests Jan 17, 2018
validation helper/validation: Add Any() SchemaValidateFunc Oct 19, 2018
variables command/init: backend-config accepts key=value pairs Mar 17, 2017
wrappedreadline command: split out and tag code so compilation works on Solaris Nov 14, 2016
wrappedstreams helper/wrappedstreams: get original console input/output on Windows Nov 21, 2016
README.md dos2unix Jul 28, 2014


Helper Libraries

This folder contains helper libraries for Terraform plugins. A running joke is that this is "Terraform standard library" for plugins. The goal of the packages in this directory are to provide high-level helpers to make it easier to implement the various aspects of writing a plugin for Terraform.