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box_check_outdated.rb Fixes #10339: Show box version during outdated check Jan 8, 2019
box_remove.rb core: add tests for box collection cleanup [GH-6002] Nov 19, 2015
box_update.rb core: BoxCheckOutdated is *much* simpler, unified logic, tests Feb 6, 2014
call.rb Squash the f-docker-hostmachine branch. Apr 21, 2014
config_validate.rb Fixes #10224: Allow validation of config while ignoring provider Oct 30, 2018
destroy_confirm.rb Change symbols inside hashes to 1.9 JSON-like syntax May 22, 2014
env_set.rb `destroy` gets a little farther, and properly halts the VM Aug 14, 2012
handle_box.rb Spelling fixes Mar 14, 2018
handle_box_url.rb core: HandleBox works with metadata boxes Feb 6, 2014
handle_forwarded_port_collisions.rb Support port checker methods which only accept the host port Apr 19, 2017
is_env_set.rb core: IsEnvSet remove invert opt Oct 8, 2015
is_state.rb core: expand IsState to support inversions Feb 27, 2014
lock.rb Unlock the file explicitly due to some weirdness on BSD kernels Jan 29, 2013
message.rb Squash the f-docker-hostmachine branch. Apr 21, 2014
mixin_synced_folders.rb core: remove saved synced folders not from Vagrantfile Nov 20, 2015
provision.rb Fix provision action for provisioners set to never. Mar 13, 2017
provisioner_cleanup.rb Only run cleanup tasks when they are defined on the provisioner Nov 26, 2015
set_hostname.rb SetHostname uses new cap system Apr 4, 2013
ssh_exec.rb Check SSH key permissions in machine.ssh_info Oct 20, 2014
ssh_run.rb (#6827) Introduce tty flag for ssh command execution Jun 3, 2017
synced_folder_cleanup.rb core: Allow options to be passed down into SF cleanup Dec 7, 2013
synced_folders.rb core: remove saved synced folders not from Vagrantfile Nov 20, 2015
wait_for_communicator.rb core: WaitForCommunicator always asks for state May 17, 2014