Available Vagrant Plugins

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Browsing Available Plugins

To browse available plugins, run gem list --remote vagrant-.


Before Vagrant 1.4.2 there are two distinct names for each one of the plugins that you need to know:

  • rubygem name (used for installing plugin, via $ vagrant plugin install rubygem-plugin-name)
  • internal name (used in Vagrantfile, via Vagrant.has_plugin?('Internal_Plugin_Name') )

With Vagrant 1.4.2 and later you just need to know the rubygem name of the plugin that will work either for $ vagrant plugin install and for Vagrant.has_plugin?().

The following list has both names in this order: rubygem name /internal name/

This page is part of a community wiki that can be edited by anyone. Plugins listed on this page are not "official" or supported in any way.



Local Domain Resolution

/etc/resolver approach

/etc/hosts approach

Registrar approach

  • vagrant-dns-updater -- A Vagrant plugin that allows you to automatically configure a subdomain with the IP of your vagrant instance using your registrar API. Only the registrar OVH is supported for the moment.


  • vagrant-aws-dns -- A Vagrant plugin that allows you to set up route53 records for instances created using vagrant-aws provider.




Shared Folders

  • vagrant-gatling-rsync -- An rsync watcher for Vagrant 1.5.1+ that uses fewer host resources.
  • vagrant-nfs_guest -- "reverse" NFS support, where the guest provides the nfs daemon and the host is the client
  • vagrant-winnfsd -- NFS support for Windows hosts
  • vagrant-bindfs -- Automate bindfs mount in guest (to work around NFS share permissions issues, for example)
  • vagrant-winrm-syncedfolders -- WinRM folder synchronization using the native WinRM communicator.
  • vagrant-sshfs -- mounts folders from the Vagrant host into the Vagrant guest via SSHFS.

Host Interaction

Testing / BDD



  • sahara -- snapshot support (was integrated into Vagrant 1.8+ but has issues)


Other (related)

  • vagrant-status Powershell prompt modification that shows the basic status of Vagrant machines in the current directory
  • oh-my-vagrant An easy to manipulate development environment for using vagrant with puppet, docker and more!
  • vagrant-web. Web application (written in php) to manage machines (nodes), virtual machines, boxes, configurations, etc. It is required that each machine runs vagrant-node.

Obsolete / Deprecated

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