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First-class support for Vault and Kubernetes.
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Vault + Kubernetes (vault-k8s)

The vault-k8s binary includes first-class integrations between Vault and Kubernetes. Currently the only integration in this repository is the Vault Agent Sidecar Injector (agent-inject). In the future more integrations will be found here.

The Kubernetes integrations with Vault are documented directly on the Vault website. This README will present a basic overview of each use case, but for full documentation please reference the Vault website.

This project is versioned separately from Vault. Supported Vault versions for each feature will be noted below. By versioning this project separately, we can iterate on Kubernetes integrations more quickly and release new versions without forcing Vault users to do a full Vault upgrade.


  • Agent Inject: Agent Inject is a mutation webhook controller that injects Vault Agent containers into pods meeting specific annotation criteria. (Requires Vault 1.3.1+)


vault-k8s is distributed in multiple forms:

  • The recommended installation method is the official Vault Helm chart. This will automatically configure the Vault and Kubernetes integration to run within an existing Kubernetes cluster.

  • A Docker image hashicorp/vault-k8s is available. This can be used to manually run vault-k8s within a scheduled environment.

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