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privacy preserving primitives and protocols (p3) for routing and messaging in P2P networks
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The toolbox for engineers to enhance privacy in P2P networks

p3lib implements a set of privacy preserving primitives (p3) and protocols for routing and messaging in P2P networks. It's basically plug-and-play privacy for your decentralized and distributed systems.

The primitives implemented by p3lib are based on privacy enhancing tech research. As an example, p3lib-sphinx implements a general-purpose onion routing packet construction and processor based on Sphinx [1]. p3lib aims at adding more primitives and protocols in the future. Stay tuned and let us know what you'd like to see as part of p3lib library.

Layer p3lib components implementation status audited
Packet format p3lib-sphinx [1] v0.1

If you are interested about implementation details and APIs of p3lib components, check the specifications.

Privacy design

p3lib provides a set of interfaces that play together nicely and can be used separately or as a whole. The interfaces specs show the current interfaces and abstractions that p3lib exposes and implements.

p3lib is designed to integrate seamlessly with libp2p.

Do you have ideas about some rad stuff you'd like to see implemented by p3lib? Open an issue or let's have a chat!.


[1] Sphinx: A Compact and Provably Secure Mix Format


Fork and PR. Issues for discussion.

License and support

© MIT (hashmatter)

This work is supported by hashmatter. Want to become a supporter? Reach out!

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