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(highest priority first)

  1. split PROJECT_NAME out into separate code and presentation constants
  2. haml-ize
  3. parameterize Facebook includes in generators
  4. split out PROJECT_NAME and SITE_NAME appropriately, don’t want display issues affecting code issues
  5. remove dependency on root_url?
  6. should_have_form should be pulled into shoulda
  7. generator should print out instructions to include modules existing files
  8. check to make sure attr_accessible doesn’t override and w/ attr_protected
  9. move shoulda macros in test_helper to shoulda_macros folder
  10. add shoulda and factory girl dependencies to gemspec
  11. refactor Mailer default_url_options[:host] to something cleaner
  12. application controller uses protected, all other controllers use private
  13. add information about url_after_create to README or github wikis

ideas to steal from merb-auth:

  1. store current_user on the session, not controller
  2. respond with 401 Unauthorized when request requires authentication
  3. respond with 405 Method Not Allowed when action requested isn’t allowed
  4. 401 and 405 need to be in Exceptions controller or use safety_valve
  5. email confirmation is a strategy
  6. forgot password is a strategy
  7. salted password is a strategy

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