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change in behavior when exposing a resource, which has no plural form #60

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The previous versions of decent_exposure exposed the singular resource when you exposed a resource, which has no plural:


This used to expose a singular resource but with decent_exposure 2.0 it exposes the collection. Of course this breaks our application and is not handy to fix.

Since the collection can more easily be represented with the block form I suggest to change the behavior back to how it was.

decent_exposure 1.x

if respond_to?(collection) && collection != name.to_s && send(collection).respond_to?(:scoped)

decent_exposure 2.x

if plural?

I think it would be enough to add the collection != name.to_s to the plural? query.


Implementation aside, we shouldn't be treating the exposure as the collection when the resource is "uncountable". Thanks for catching this. I've added a 2.0.1 release milestone and added this to it. Please feel free to submit a pull request, otherwise @jgdavey or I will get to it as soon as we can.


Thanks for the heads-up.

@jgdavey jgdavey closed this issue from a commit
Joshua Davey and Keith Marcum For uncountable resources, assume singular
This fixes #60
@jgdavey jgdavey closed this in b76712f
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