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@joshblour joshblour Initial Home page 8e66b6c
@joshblour joshblour Created Strategies: Pundit authorization implemention (markdown) dc5030a
@jgdavey jgdavey Updated Strategies: Use with strong_parameters (markdown) b636922
@jgdavey jgdavey Updated Strategies: Use with strong_parameters (markdown) 2a76b6b
@listrophy listrophy Only include Draper::Decoratable once on the class instead of on every request 00b3901
@JeanMertz JeanMertz Updated Strategies: Draper (Decorator) implementation (markdown) 6fe1a86
@JeanMertz JeanMertz Created Strategies: Draper (Decorator) implementation (markdown) f65c8aa
@semmons99 semmons99 Updated Strategies: Use with strong_parameters (markdown) 9e7e276
@haihappen haihappen Updated again :) f03f6cc
@haihappen haihappen Updated the strategy 973f40d
@haihappen haihappen Added link to strong_parameters gem. 3fd02e9
@jgdavey jgdavey Updated Strategies: Use with strong_parameters (markdown) 977b219
@jgdavey jgdavey Created Strategies: Use with strong_parameters (markdown) 651fd87
@jgdavey jgdavey Created Strategies: Attr accessible with roles (markdown) 1d6720e
@mattvanhorn mattvanhorn I thought it might be useful to put an example here for people running into the same issue I did. 56c6a45
@btelles btelles Updated Examples (markdown) b3f1ee3
@chikamichi chikamichi colors e483a64
@buddhamagnet buddhamagnet Updated Examples (markdown) 65ce74c
@buddhamagnet buddhamagnet Updated Examples (markdown) b22f891
@voxdolo voxdolo Updated Examples (markdown) 9b528d4
@voxdolo voxdolo Updated Examples (markdown) a0b2713
@voxdolo voxdolo Updated Examples (markdown) 040764e
@dre3k dre3k Updated Examples (markdown) 15222f7
@voxdolo voxdolo Destroyed Home (markdown) 67da70b
@btelles btelles Updated Examples (markdown) b6871fc
@voxdolo voxdolo Example of converting to decent_exposure ccd7387
@voxdolo voxdolo Textile is a ghetto 86480f6
@coreyhaines coreyhaines Migrated from home v3 d6b26f0
@voxdolo voxdolo Migrated from home v2 de4c6ed
@voxdolo voxdolo Migrated from home v1 f9b6fc6
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