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v 3.2
* Support outputting namespaced attrs
* Consider class_inheritable_attribute rather than superclass.try stuff.
* Do some benchmarking
* Back with to minimize need for specifications?
* Commandeer #parse to use opposite #from_xml, but in an unrooted, collection-friendly fashion,
ala HappyMapper's parse
v 3.x
* :self => true for sending method_missing to this attribute?
* :attributes extensions ala HappyMapper?
* Add xml_attrs helper to share :in declarations between several attributes. E.g.:
xml_reader :count, :in => 'Attributes', :as => Integer
xml_reader :something_else, :in => 'Attributes', :as => Date
xml_attrs :in => 'Attributes' do |xml|
xml.reader :count, :as => Integer
xml.reader :something_else, :as => Date
* Ensure (perhaps optionally) that references are unambiguous. That is error/warn
a singular specification has multiple possible node references
* Use lazy evaluation to minimize parsing time for large files
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