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Auto-generate RSpec view specs by interrogating your existing views.

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That’s “speck-a-fie.” This plugin auto-generates RSpec view specs by interrogating your existing
views. It looks through your views, mocking all instance variables and stubbing all helper method
calls and routes off template.

Pardon our dust; this is alpha software. But, it serves as a handy, time-saving first pass at
writing your view specs.

You can add extra template stubs, if you need, with the --stubs option.

Current limitations:

  1. you have to add the --force option for subsequent runs
  2. mocking “dot chains” doesn’t work right now

      ./script/generate view_specify [--stubs=stub1,stub2,stub3]

      This will create:

Copyright © 2008 Obie Fernandez, Jon “Lark” Larkowski, and Hashrocket, released under the MIT license

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