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Hashview is a tool for security professionals to help organize and automate the repetitious tasks related to password cracking. Hashview is a web application that manages hashcat (https://hashcat.net) commands. Hashview strives to bring constiency in your hashcat tasks while delivering analytics with pretty pictures ready for ctrl+c, ctrl+v into your reports.


  1. Hashcat installed and working (https://hashcat.net/hashcat/)
  2. Hashcat installed and working (just double checking)
  3. A working RVM environment (https://rvm.io/rvm/install)


Involves installing mysql, resque, and a ruby app (see wiki)
Installation Instructions

Developing and Contributing

Please see the Contribution Guide for how to develop and contribute.
If you have any problems, please consult Issues page first. If you don't see a related issue, feel free to add one and we'll help.


Contact us on Twitter