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License: MIT PyPI version Maintenance macOS

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This is a simple CLI that allows you to update package versions during development. It creates a versions file that you can incorporate in your About Dialog.

This command has to be run solely during development and in the virtual environment of the target py2app application.

Install pkgversions in your virtual environment

This utility is distributed via pypi packages.

Install like this:

pip3 install pkgversions

##How to use

pkgversions --help
Usage: pkgversions [OPTIONS]

  For best results install this command in the virtual environment that
  contains the packages that you intend to query

  -p, --package-file PATH   location of packages list file
  -o, --versions-file PATH  location of generated versions file
  --version                 Show the version and exit.
  --help                    Show this message and exit.

Format of Package File

This file is the name of the python packages one per line

For example:


Format of Versions File

The utility creates a versions file one line per package name with the version number.

For example: