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License: MIT PyPI version Maintenance macOS

forthebadge made-with-python


This is a simple CLI that allows you to update a version.txt file with a build number.

Install traviscli in your virtual environment

This utility is distributed via pypi packages.

Install like this:

pip3 install traviscli

How to use

traviscli --help
Usage: traviscli [OPTIONS]

  Use this command to get the Travis CI build number of your project.  Assumes
  you are using Semantic Versioning

  -b, --build-count INTEGER  Number builds to check.
  -r, --repo-slug TEXT       something thing like hasii2011/PyUt.  [required]
  -f, --file PATH            Relative location of version text file
  --major-version INTEGER    Change the major number to the specified one
  --minor-version INTEGER    Change the minor number to the specified one
  --patch-version INTEGER    Change the patch number to the specified one
  --version                  Show the version and exit.
  --help                     Show this message and exit.

How to get your TravisCI Application Token

Go to your TravisCI Profile-->Settings-->Settings Tab

For example:

image info

Where to put configuration token

Create a file named .travis-cli.ini in your home directory (or where $HOME points to)

Configuration file format

travisci_api_token = Your Token goes here

Version file format

The version string in your version file should follow the rules for semantic versioning

For example, here is a correctly formatted version string