This is an umbrella development repository for Cloud Haskell
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Cloud Haskell meta-project

Build Status

Cloud Haskell is a set of libraries that bring Erlang-style concurrency and distribution to Haskell programs.

This repository includes references to all other official Cloud Haskell packages for conveniently building them all from a single location. Use this repository as a starting point for hacking on Cloud Haskell packages (see CONTRIBUTING).

Those users that do not use package snapshots (such as Stackage) can use the .cabal file in this repository to install a consistent set of versions of all Cloud Haskell packages. Snapshot users don't normally need this .cabal file, and should add Cloud Haskell packages directly as dependencies.


Installation from Hackage

$ cabal install cloud-haskell

Building from source

Clone this repository locally using git or hub:

$ hub clone --recursive haskell-distributed/cloud-haskell


$ cd cloud-haskell
$ stack build

You will need stack installed and reachable from your $PATH.

Updating the source

To hack on the latest versions of all packages,

$ git submodule update --remote

Contributing to Cloud Haskell