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Cloud Haskell Core Library

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Haskell Distributed Project

This repository holds an implementation of Cloud Haskell.

At present, this repository hosts

  • network-transport: Generic Network.Transport API
  • network-transport-tests: Test suite for Network.Transport instantiations
  • network-transport-tcp: TCP instantiation of Network.Transport
  • network-transport-inmemory: In-memory instantiation of Network.Transport (incomplete)
  • network-transport-composed: Compose two transports (very preliminary)
  • distributed-static: Support for static values
  • distributed-process: The main Cloud Haskell package
  • distributed-process-simplelocalnet: Simple backend for local networks
  • distributed-process-azure: Azure backend for Cloud Haskell (proof of concept)
  • azure-service-api: Haskell bindings for the Azure service API
  • rank1dynamic: Like Data.Dynamic and Data.Typeable but with support for polymorphic values

For more detailed information about the interfaces provided by these packages, please refer to the distributed-process repository wiki. People who wish to get started with Cloud Haskell should cabal install distributed-process and possibly distributed-process-simplelocalnet and refer to the corresponding Haddock documentation (Control.Distributed.Process, Control.Distributed.Process.Closure, Control.Distributed.Process.Node, and Control.Distributed.Process.Backend.SimpleLocalnet).

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